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Re: Online library reaches million book milestone

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 25, 2007 08:51 AM
This project might have some good ground BUT, it's arabic section most certainly sucks! apparently they didn't bother to get a native arabic speaker(where do I sign up?) and just gave someone with the basic knowledge of how arabic letters are pronounced the job of translating the titles from the arabic name written with english letters to arabic. Although arabic has very few peculiarities like the k in knife and the w in write, the guy did a TERRIBLE job. I couldn't understand any of those names until I clicked the title and read it in english

Also, English - for the better or worse - IS the most important language in the world today, almost everything that is written today will have an english version of it released.

Personally I will continue to use Gutenberg for the simple reason that I can do whatever I want with their text files(search? edit? reformat?) which is not true for the TIFF, although I would love to see gutenberg offer a PDF/ODF format too, it sucks when you print a book and find that there is one last line of chapter 1 on the page where chapter 2 starts...


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