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Please stop the incessant wailing

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 23, 2007 11:55 PM
I think THIS COMMENT is a bunch of BS. First of all, your statement about all your computers printing to your Ubuntu 7.10 server proves that YOU clearly don't read. Here's a direct quite from the article:

"This poses a problem for my organization: the only way to make a migration really work would be to switch the servers first to eliminate compatibility issues"

Now, before anyone else gets in a huff that such is not the case - hold your horses! I didn't say I necessarily agree with the author's statement, I'm just pointing out that the logic used in the comment above is completely bass-ackwards! Furthermore, the incessant cries of so many FOSS defenders against any criticism is really starting to pee me off. What's so difficult in taking some honest criticism from someone who WANTS to use alternative systems/applications but gets frustrated with unexpected hurdles that never even had to be considered while using the "mainstream" offerings? The repeated wailing such as: "_people who are bitching clearly don't read and understand what they need to do to make things work_" may be true, but the point is, should they have to? If someone isn't technologically inclined, doesn't understand how the underlying foundation that is running the system operates, doesn't think in technical terms, and doesn't want to spend the time to learn because they have better things to do, should they HAVE to stick with using Windows? A senior manager in a small business isn't going to read the instructions - it should *just work*! When my mother comes home after a full day of teaching at school and goes across the street to play with her grandchildren, she shouldn't HAVE to understand ANYTHING about computers to be able to send me some pictures of them playing later that evening. And I know that the job of the IT guy is to make it work and not a concern of the average user, but if the IT guy has to sit and rotate on his thumb while reading about what hoops need to be jumped through to make things work, then that means he's not using his time for more important issues! Criticism about Linux is not a bad thing - it means people WANT to use it, but it's not ready for everyone yet. It's a sign that things are going in the right direction, but may need work on specific areas, which is a GOOD thing!!!

PPS - Yes, YOU'VE been doing things that way for years! I guess anyone's hopes that YOU would have grown up by now are becoming quite faint!


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