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Deceptively simple

Posted by: suso_banderas on December 19, 2007 12:37 PM
Webmin is deceptively simpler than using the command line and config files. Sure, there is a GUI-like interface, but you still need to learn what everything does anyways. There is no magic button that makes everything happen. You still need to understand what a vhost, disk partition and IP address are.

I've used webmin for a couple of clients and going through all the settings is a bit overwhelming even for me. Pretty much everything that could be setup is an option. This is not a good thing because people will end up setting options that they probably shouldn't.

So if you have to learn all the concepts anyways, why bother with the complexity of Webmin? Learning the command line and the config files will be a lot more portable and you'll be able to get a job.


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