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Mobile phone management under Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 19, 2007 01:45 AM
Given the development of wireless media and seeing a TV program of a newspapper asking for communications bandwidth, I would like to see broadcasters offer data transport as both a public and commercial service. As a background proccess radio could send text or album images, while TV could use the crawl space or time or emegency broadcast info portion of the signal to download periodicals. (text news and info.) Given the transition to digital broadcast it mite be a good idea to creat an over laying data transfer protocal that allows for various formats and relitive acutraments such as time stamp, gps, signal ID, configuation data for the reciever- cell phone, radio, tv, shortwave (emergency interupt). And, to provide for scrambling or coded transmition to allow subscription services. Perhaps all that is needed is a single channel with some of these features to act as if in conjuction with the postal service. A code key could be send as a subscription qualifier and then mail and other infor sevices such as newspaper and magazines could be sent at night to TIVO or media reciever.


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