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easy as Alpha Bravo Charlie

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 19, 2007 01:28 AM
I don't know of a tie to linux, but would like to mention a ham radio article about community desaster relief that applies technowlogy to a club atmosphear as a stop gap during desasters. (Red Cross donated a vehicle) The magazine mentions how email and other communications can be sent on a puppy linux over short wave with out modems. It appears that radio recievers and transmiters can be constructed with out much more effort than building a crystal set. They would make a good project for a high school electronics class as would a linux distrobution on a dvd could be used in an intorductory computer course with programing samples and projects. These type of tech. courses would be relevant to art and shop classes as they could introduce CNC and plastic prototyping, wood fiberglass form construction and lamination techniques. It seems with the technology available to the average person, the world may be poised upon a village industrial revelution with modles of distributed manufacturing paradime reusing local recyclable materials. If a civil code allowing driving permits for limmited use vehicles were available- the equivilant of out door weel chair or golf cart transport, parents of teenagers could be relieved of taxi driving services and an area of home build vehicles may provide commercial and educational oportunities. I understand the jaguar automobile had its origins in side car manufacturing. Because of speed and size and weight and operational restrictions safety and liability issues may be reduced.


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