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Integrating Ubuntu with a Windows-based network is harder than it should be

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 18, 2007 07:54 PM
Holy crap. The responses from people who have clearly never worked for a non-profit are mind-blowing.

Listen, people, here's how IT works in a nonprofit:

the geekiest guy in the office is the IT manager/network admin/system admin/dba/etc/etc/etc. On top of his normal job. When something breaks (and only when something breaks) he fixes it.

The author clearly wants to move his company to an open source model, which makes a lot of sense, from a philosophical perspective, for a non-profit.

The easiest way to start down that road w/o breaking everything for everybody else, causing 3 days of down time while you scramble to put things back where they were, make your boss mad and turn him off on open source forever, or spending 3 months and then who knows how much money that your organization doesn't have on servers that replace servers that are performing just fine right now, is to put Ubuntu on your laptop and start using it at work.

it's not perfect. it's not a massive change, but it begins to open the door. Sure, replacing the servers is the best way to go, but unless you've worked in a 4-person office, and wondered if you were going to paid all your salary this month or not, don't go telling me that 'you should just replace your servers.'

The article then describes how the author, having done what he could, ran into some problems, how things didn't 'just work.'

Not suprising, considering the state Linux is in right now (ie. on the upswing, but still not quite ready for primetime on the desktop), but a good case study.

Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it. You angry Linux zealots need to spend more time at the command'll be less irritable that way.


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