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Re: Too little savings

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 15, 2007 02:07 PM
18% savings? This sounds like an implementation-based number. Usually I'd take the time to dig up the numbers on this, and quote references, but this is really peripheral to the article. The end-user had a bad experience; Ubuntu needs to work on that and Microsoft should play nicely. As for the savings, what happens a few years down the road, if you've stuck with Windows, when you've had to upgrade your antivirus, antimalware, office suite, operating system, RAM, Hard Drive, etc.? (aka, buy a whole new computer because what Microsoft wants you to run won't shoehorn into your current setup). With any Linux-based option, you always have the ability to continue using the product and experience upstream advances without having to fork over additional cash. Upgrading your RAM is always a good way to boost performance, but if the workstation you have works now, it will continue to work years into the future. That just won't happen in the Microsoft world.


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