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Integrating Ubuntu with a Linux-based network is as easy it should be

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 14, 2007 05:23 PM
I like the way I can right-click and share a folder, then set the permissions I want on the individual folder and know Windows-users won't be able to access my files by default. If I go into the advanced configuration mode, I know I can set up access for a Windows network, but that's more of a Windows-user issue, and I'm not worried about that. Yes, I tend to use the default "SMB Sharing" that Windows users love so much, but I also like the way I can just point my file browser to "ssh://mybox/myfiles" and it works for me, securely.

Microsoft makes your life easy, if all you do is work with Microsoft products. Venture away from their desired norm and you're toast. Hell, you'll be toast anyway if you don't have a good antivirus and anitmalware product running as a safeguard. But don't worry, you can fix that with their newest product, which is now 150% more secure!


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