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One year on, the Java community continues to build

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 14, 2007 05:10 PM
See this person's blog at While Google may not be the best person to fill this need, the need exist, nonetheless. Until Java offers a way to develop applications with the ease of it will struggle to advance significantly. The current level of power (and difficulty) of java naturally compares to C++ or C#. All three are very able development platforms and capable in their on regards but none match for it's ease of use, true Rapid Application Development and quick learning curve.
Although many people disregard VB as not a "true" development platform, it is undeniably widely used. Many more stand alone applications are written from small scale to large scale on VB than any other platform.
Java needs a way for more people to write simple apps that fill their needs with a simpler syntax but that would compile to the java runtime. The SUN Project Semplice was on track for this but died.
This would truly give java a move toward overtaking the .net framework because it would offer an easy Java Basic platform for one end of the spectrum and the high powered java language for the high power apps and suites.


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