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Seriously wrong approach

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 14, 2007 09:10 AM

The approach you are using can never work. Microsoft will make sure that nothing will ever integrate with Windows seamlessly. What you are asking the Linux community to do is to forever play catch-up with the latest obfuscated, proprietary protocol to come out of Redmond. Not only is it impossible to achieve 100% integration if you're always playing catch-up to a moving target, but also, trying to do so would mean we'd have no time to innovate.

There are some pieces of advice that might help you.

First: printers should be connected to a Linux or Unix server. Run Samba so that Windows machines can use them seamlessly. Print serving is much more advanced on Linux and Unix than on Windows - it's never necessary for every machine on the network to install a special printer driver for every different model of printer being used (though you can let them do that if they want).

Then, you have some major misconceptions:

One of my most common tasks is working with Microsoft Office documents.

If you want to "work with" Microsoft Office documents then use Microsoft Office on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft's file formats are designed, and regularly changed, so that nothing else will ever work 100%. The import facilities in OpenOffice are good enough if you want to convert a document once, and thereafter maintain it in the standardized, well-specified, OpenOffice format.

Another irritation with Evolution is that it doesn't understand links to files in a Windows format (bug report)

The fact that Evolution does not track every proprietary incompatibility with standards devised by Microsoft does not constitute a bug. There may be some way to get Exchange/Outlook to use standard URLs; investigate that; if there isn't, accept the fact that Microsoft spends a huge amount of money and effort designing incompatibility into its products. It really does take two to tango.


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