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Of course it's difficult- by design

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 13, 2007 11:45 PM
The whole point of the fundamental architecture of Windows and Microsoft servers and applications is make this sort of interoperability impossible. You locked yourself into a customer-hostile, closed computing environment, and you're blaming Ubuntu? Dude. Get a grip. Your problem is not Linux, but Microsoft, which has invested literally billions of dollars into breaking standards, foiling interoperability, and pressuring hardware vendors (like your printers) to not support any platform but Windows. You haven't been paying attention for those six years of FOSS advocacy if you thought Ubuntu was going to plug into your Windows network so easily a monkey could do it.

Now. There are ways out, and the first is no Ubuntu. It simply doesn't have Windows integration tools all prefab and shiny and ready to rock. You want Xandros, which is the easiest Linux to plug into a Windows network. File and printer sharing, authentication, AD integration- it's all there out of the box.

Next, you should be replacing your servers first, not your desktops. Windows servers are crap on wheels, they do not support real standards, and by design are very difficult to use with other platforms.

If you're serious about breaking the grip of the bully, you can do it.


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