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About Avaya PhoneManager

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 13, 2007 11:13 PM
Did you try running the installer program for Avaya PhoneManager under Wine?

On the Wine AppDB database you link to, the shell command you issued (wine /media/disk/Program Files/...) suggests you tried to run your executable directly from the installation found on the Windows partition. This won't work (except for very simple self-contained programs), for the same reason merely copying the entire application folder over to a new Windows machine and trying to run the same executable won't work - all the registry entries written by the installer, all the COM objects installed at c:\windows\system32, etcetera, are missing on the new system. You should try running the installer on Wine (which *is* a self-contained program, or should be), and then running the executable from the newly installed directory on the Linux drive. On GNOME and KDE, wine even adds a launcher to the application menu under the entry "Wine".

Now, if the installer actually fails, or the program won't run even after the installer apparently finished successfully, you should file a bug report at


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