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Integrating Ubuntu with a Windows-based network is harder than it should be

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 13, 2007 10:36 PM

To the first two commentators, do you know what LDAP is? I'm guessing no, because Linux and Unix pretty much started LDAP systems and creating an LDAP server in Linux is not only free and easy to do, but can then be used on MAC and Windows networks.

Well some of the complaints in this article actually have nothing to do with Linux or Ubuntu, examples:

You can then log in with your network username and password -- easy. In Ubuntu you have to follow this guide, which is far from easy, and I've struggled to make it work consistently.

This is more of a problem with using Windows AD. M$ is a monopoly so it's not in their interest to make a system that plays nicely with other OS'. And why do you want to authenticate to AD at login anyways? What would be the point? You should still be able to access all the same resources with a valid UID and password. Then for administration you can just remote into other boxes. Which is what I do anyways with my Windows box at work. I certainly never administer AD from my work system.

Unfortunately I can't view or modify the file security settings, so I have to open a remote connection to the server using GNOME's rdesktop client to change permissions!

Again, this should be done from remoting into the server and never directly from a box.

I miss some functionality, such as the "keep text formatting" option when you paste text into a document or spreadsheet.

This is not the fault of OpenOffice, but user error. What you want to do is use is "Paste Special" every Office Suite has this capability.

The problem with your email is again M$ ability to play nicely with others, which is no ability at all. And this is also the driver problem people experience with printers and other devices. Manufactures are unwilling to work with Linux.


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