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somewhat related

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 13, 2007 12:41 AM
I have a suposition that video game development is analogus to space exploration. The accomplishments are gratifieing and, the consequences in my opinion can give any age access to knowledge and development of parrallel processing and application valuable in the advancement of cluster, distributed and HPC. I would start with an interface to help maintain a static library that is added to rather than changed and deleted. Underlying implementation as time demonstrates can be a moving target, can be implemented and upgraded as can applications. Some initial features would be moving a dot using interface module libraries allowing the dot to be replaced by figues and there movement library modules to piecetogether charactures. A start mite be a rendering programe that applies and teaches rendering techniques by using scetch fonts or applicay of geometry to stick figures then serface techtures that can be applied to geometry to smooth serfaces and creat serface structures that are linked to underlying levels to provide integrated motion. I would like access to frame buffers (multiple frame buffers that can be accessed as a functional component of some other frame buffer like walking through a door to another room and back or help layering) and the ability to manipulate fames and fame subsets directly using programe modules. Probably reletive motion of background and background areas would be usefull. As a start simple animation evolved from rendering such as a screen saver of a jack in the box that plays round and round the mulburry bush mite be a project to demonstrate entry level familiarity.


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