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amorphic media

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 07, 2007 08:50 PM
I don't know if its to late? Isn't the FCC realocating RF? Two things- One: should open source try and wach over a portion of spectrume like the hams? or just suport hams for that perpose. Two: Should the FCC provide a generic channel of or for use by all spectrum users for amorphic load opptimezation. When IP trafic reaches a one directional threshold in a given geography say covered by a cell phone trasmiter, users with equipment would get a redirect swich. This cell cast could be payed for presumably cheaper than there cost of internet media. This idea would scale as a one directional cell use in several ajacent to proximate cells reach a threshold they could jump to a radio foot print to free up cells. And, then when a large enough area made a satalite feed efficient it would jump to satalite. This would be a designated portion of each spectrum to be used and payed for presumably at an overall reduced cost than would be described by a less flexable design. It would be dynamic and open meaning available according to a sites load and willingness to pay. It mite be managed by a consortium were every member buys in to help manage overall costs of operation compared to a less shared system.


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