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debit style gift cards as advertisment

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 07, 2007 08:34 PM
How about those cards that have a dollar amount that work like a debit card that can be given insted of an actual item at a retailer. What if these cards could be reloadable and use for generic debit cards as a way to sell debit cards. Then if they were reloaded using a form with a mailing address that would be equivalent to a credit card application they could be converted to a debit card with credit overdraft with lower ontime payment rates. There are permutations, a provider of what mite be concidered an essencial service such as utilities, mortgage, insurance mite offer a credit card that helps you pay your bills each time you use the card. So you don't spend all your money and wonder how to pay your bills. This suggests an bookeeping service that could help finacialy inept people manage there finances. I think someone in the music industry promoted a card that fostered finacial responsability. If individuals found themselve exceeding a credit rating threshold or filed bankrupcy or were invoved in some prosecutable act that was motivated or condusive to financial irrisponsability, they could opt. to concent to such assisted budgeting as a condition of probation. Service that collect money could offer sevices by buying debt at say 50 cents on the dollar and selling it back to the costomer at 75 cents on the dollar to help elliminate creditors. There could be features that help manage small bussines distributing debit cards to employees to record payroll and make various payments (witholding, insurence local state tax). The government could provide tax liability insurance by allowing payments of the mean revenue collected interpolated back to the due date to be payed. They mite collect more money by using a 5% increase or as much as would motivate enough bussiness owners in an industry to file in order to determine an industry average. A tax payer would then have 7 years to file there taxes if they thought they owed less money otherwise they would not be pennalized as severily. All these features would likey reqire computers and programs. If a bussiness did not file two of five years and show a profit they would not be regarded as a bussiness as seems to be the current rule in regards to profitability.


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