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Re: How to make Kontact work with Google Apps

Posted by: ggvrsn on December 07, 2007 12:07 AM
Maybe I should write articles for I have been around Linux and UNIX like OSes in general for quite some time, so I might have a few tricks up my sleeve.

You know what would have been really insightful?, talking about pros and cons of using different email clients with Google Mail/Calendar. Or at least a good indepth research in to using Google Apps (Gmail, Notebook, Calendar to synchronise with our Linux desktop.

I do not want to put down anyone here, or tell anyone how to write an article, all I am saying is that this article does not shed any new light that is already not there. I have read quite a bit of good articles on where I learnt something after reading it.

But this case what is that I gain? Everyone who has Linux as their desktop already knows how to sync Kmail/Evolution/Thunderbird with Google, infact Google Gmail settings tab gives you these settings for different Email Clients.

And how does running a java program help us to sync with Google Calendar? (Quote: Not supporting Gmail 2.0) I already have "read-only" access to my Google Calendar using Evolution Email Client (Not that I am a great fan for Gtk applications, but it works so I use it). And Downloading Contacts is a breeze as Google lets you export to different kinds of file.

And what I am trying to do here is not "complaining" it is constructive criticism.



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