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How to make Kontact work with Google Apps

Posted by: ggvrsn on December 06, 2007 07:26 PM
An utter waste of column space. Is this like a fill-a-buster thing? Do not get me wrong, I love articles, but this one takes the cake. I have had Kmail working with Gmail since 2006 and I have imported and exported contacts quite easily. Since Gmail has IMAP, I have switched over to IMAP than use pop3. The title is quite misleading when you say kcontact working with google apps, when all you talk about is getting email and a half baked solution to get calendar working. Come on people, we need better in depth articles which gives us more knowledge than tell us what we already know. And which google Apps are we syncing to? only Gmail ?

To answer one of the commenter, yes Evolution will sync well with Gmail. Even though I am a KDE lover, I do have Evolution as my default email client.

One other thing with Evolution, its built in Calendar can sync with online Google Calendar. All you have to do is to create a new Calendar (on the web) and check the box for offline reading, which will download all the entries to your local computer. Also you can setup the interval to sync with the online calendar., please come up with better articles which gives us insight into this which we might have over looked or shows us one more reason why we need to switch over to Linux and support it.

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