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Re: Office shootout: Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 06, 2007 02:57 PM
Im sorry, but this article is a bit over biased towards OpenOffice - What do you mean by "the winner is not clear" Make a quick search for differences in behavior or take the migration guide. Yes, Calc is slower, yet if your job is not time critical or you open under 20 spreadsheets a day it does not matter. If You get on daily basis spreadsheets full of macros. most probably even the simplest You'll have to use Excel. The true question is, was and will be: Do i really need those 5 new, and ugly features offered in Excel 2007 or can i live with my old school Excel '97/2000.
Now a simple question: HEY, where is my beloved SOLVER in OpenOffice, doing more than SIMPLEX?
I can assure you if You where a economics student you would fall in love with SOLVER for quick data check-up.
How do i use inOOo that Text to column funktion? etc. Personally either have that money or be ready to take trade offs.
Oh, yeah i forgot - Open Office suits me well, i had to write a comparison between OOo 2.3 and MsO 2007. Your series of articles had been a great help. I hope you will write a review on Microsoft Office 2009 (or how they will call it)


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