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Hail New Yorker

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 06, 2007 01:43 AM
Feliz Navidad ! A.E.Newman,Architecture. P.S. Teletransporter- While eating a hot dog at a news stand, I though of giving magazine subscriptions as stocking stuffers. I then remembered seeing 10-20 gift cards at a retail store there were so many it seemed unlikly the store provided them all but got a commision for offering the service for other retailers products and gifts not sold at the store. What if stores banks and credit card companies offered a service like a money wire (western union style) that had a shoping catalog with product numbers. A shopping list of numbers could be brought to a store or local bank and they would send and generic gift card to the recipiant. Ink jet or dvd printing could customize the card with a brief refrence to the local bank. If a store or bank were not located in the recipiants town there could be an industry group that allowed every qualified professional institution to participate. Fraud or abuse would be comparible to bank robery. -this is an incremental step toward incorperating local an costumary financial transactions with online and internet commerce.- Similarly a retail department store could offer parcle dilivery in there giftwrap center. To save or reduce shiping costs, if the item were in stock at a store in the destination city it could be sent from there. Paragraph- There are similar products use for flowers, candy, cards, balloons using the industry group modle these mite provide oportunity from overlap as they attempt to work together in a combined effect.


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