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Re(1): Linux distro or network traffic cop? It's both!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 01, 2007 07:03 PM
" has become the lamest site".. well.. what do you expect? Geek stuff about how to compile strange exotic software on weird platforms? No. Articles like that don't change the world, but offer information about what else is going on besides RH, debian, SuSE and Co.
I run IPCop on many different machines, from standard older PCs to IBM Netvista Thinclients. It's very stable on good hardware and rarely had issues. A firewall should _not_ run samba & Co., so don't expect to much help from #ipcop regarding such addons. Such adons do exist, yes. But much more useful are addons for L2PT or OpenVPN, proxy filters and other network and security related stuff. I'm looking forward to the next release with 2.6 kernel and more choices regarding multiple WAN-connections, things IPCop cannot handle in the current release. But it's very stable and good supported.
If you want to replace an ISA-server in the SOHO area, IPCop might be worth a closer look. Btw. - IPCop is based on LFS and all sources are available.


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