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Re(1): So what if it's not free?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 01, 2007 07:27 AM
The most important thing is not having hte source code to fiddle with. Neither is it not paying anything. I would pay for this program if it worked well forme. But the trouble is, it doesn't work at all. Precompiled software is something that might work well on an operating system that hasn't really changed much in ten years and five versions, but it's an approach that doesn't work so well on a system which is modular and flexible, because it makes assumptions about the system which might not be true.

Writer's Cafe won't start on my Gentoo system because I have compiled my system without Xinerama support. I would have to re-compile quite a lot of packages to add Xinerama support to my system, which I don't need since I don't have a second display, just to make Writer's Cafe run - possibly, as I don't know what other erroneous presumptions the authors made about my system.

Linux isn't a one size fits all operating system. That's why getting to compile one's own source code is vastly superior to getting precompiled binaries. I would pay for Writer's Cafe if it worked well for me, but in order to make it work I'd need the source.


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