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How to make Firefox look and feel like IE, Safari, or Opera

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 29, 2007 10:50 PM
This seems as if it is absolutely necessary to convert everyone to use FF. I can understand why you'd want people, especeially the ones that you have to fix their computers (every now and then with the ocasional virus) not to use IE, or even the fact that you want to promote open source stuff over proprietary. But you have to admit that for the former part Opera and Safari are doing the same, and for the latter, you get konqueror readily available in most open source distro's, be it linux or BSD. Maybe FF covers the ground in between, being available in windows too, but it would be an odyssey for anyone not used to push more than two buttons to get online to set it up, configure it, and back it up and re-deploy in the exact same shape and feature availability after a (god forbid) crash, or reinstall, or even when using more than one computer. And besides, if I HAVE to use something to be in the politically correct side of things, well I'll have to go with what I prefer, over it. After all (given the idea of IE coming bundled with windows) they're all free.


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