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Re(1): Disingenuous weaselspeak

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 24, 2007 09:38 PM
If that is true (of course Red Hat was and is your banker) then it's time to distance yourself from Miguel loudly and permanently.

If we look back at the seriously dumbed down GNOME people contend with which seems more patterned on MS dis"ease of use" and this involvement with OOXML and the the continued defense of it as "interoperabiltiy", the same word Novell and MS use to defend their agreement are you at all suprised at the response from the larger community?

If you're using the same words then you're automatically in bed with the word merchants who are also using it.

And just what in the name of all that is reasonable, historical and holy makes you think that The GNOME Foundation or the open source movement as a whole can hold Microsoft's feet to the fire on anything much less the half baked "standard" you're defending when IBM couldn't on the Windows/OS2 split?

Bottom line is the rationale behind continuing the involvement does sound a lot like weaselspeak when we all know that neither you or the entire open source movement or IBM or Apple or the (caved in) EU hold MIcrosoft to anything at all? So we all keep going back to Miguel and Jody and their worship of all things MS. At least they're making sense.

To think that GNOME got started because there were serious objections to the then closed QT libraries. You're either for open standards and open source or you're not. The GNOME Foundation needs to make the choice. Clearly and loudly. Continued involvement in OOXML says you're not.


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