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OOXML is part of MS's strategy for continued Monopoly via Patents, etc, ...= a Monopoly Revenue Stre

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 24, 2007 12:54 PM
OOXML is part of MS's strategy for continued Monopoly via Patents, and their own private standards. Microsoft can only own the world by controlling standards. AND IF THEY ARE ALLOWED TO DO THIS then there never will be freedom of speech in a digital world... as someone, in Microsoft's eyes, needs to own the foundation to the digital world that people depend on in order to communicate in democratic societies. Microsoft (and maybe Novell, and Novell employees) vision of the world of freedom of digital speech is wrong... in their eyes there is only a world of license fees and profit on the backs of the common man's need to simply communicate freely.

These low life folks that were or are working for Novell (and Microsoft) obviously, they are drinking from the same electric KoolAid garbage can. They are indeed true bottom feeders! They seem to want to have Interoperability "Microsoft/Novell Style" with a full endorsement of Microsoft, at every turn controlling all the shots, vs standing up for what is right, and what is TRUE and what is FREE (as in speech) in the first place. The support for just ODF, well it is 100%l about free speech (something that Microsoft does not want as they want to charge people for the right to speak, Microsoft wants make people PAY THEM before anyone can communicate by document exchange (by making them either PAY to use OOXML, or make folks PAY to use something that someone needs a license from MS that costs money, in order to use their "invention"... Anyone who supports any direction toward OOXML is not for free speech, and anyone who supports OOXML is not for the poor child who goes to school anywhere in the world to learn. I know of folks that can't pay for their next mortgage or rent bill, and they deserve something like the freedom that ODF insures. What these folks without means don't need is another "forever changing MS format" that forces them into becoming a SERF in a world of Microsof't's vision of a "FEUDAL SYSTEM where everone (who they consider "their" peasants) owes their existance to Microsoft.

We peasants in order to talk to our neighbors, should not 1st consider ourselves to be "subjects" of any tyrant power such as Microsoft, in order to do so...!

ODF is the only road to freedom.... anything less is... as it is NOT FREE.

OOXML should never be allowed to be a "standard" not ever. As doing so would make the standard's bodies simply a proprietary, and feudal JOKE.
Everyone can be bought by Microsoft's money? I just wish that some folks would instead focus on doing what is RIGHT.

ODF is the only standard that is not only the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do.

Long live freedom and free speech.


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