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It is a good start

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 22, 2007 05:14 AM
The best decision is to not make YAPC (yet another photoshop clone). Corel Painter is a very good program. I will not even be trying the program out in its current form. Lightweight is an interesting goal, but it lacks most of the tools. Currently, it will appeal to Linux based sketch artists. Similar programs exist on Windows (I do like ArtRage), but with such a limited toolset, only one art niche is happy. Of course, a rotatable animation disc would be a good addition for sketch artists.

Here is a short list of art specialities. Concept artist, animator, cartoon artist, airbrush artist, graphic designer, storyboard artist, video/film multimedia artist, rotoscoping, 3D artists, Illustrator, portrait artist, scenery artist, vector artist, hyper realism artist, abstract artist. Most of these artists will have no need for a program that aims to be only a sketch tool. There are current tools, dead tools, and tools waiting to be invented that can improve the work life of all these artists. Until a program like Gogh fills the voids, we will have to continue to make do with photoshops woefully inadequate toolset (if we can), or continue to do without.


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