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Gosh, gOS is good

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 19, 2007 10:59 PM
I am continually surprised how many Linux users are looking for more of the same thing from every new Linux distro. Read forum discussions just about anywhere when the talk is about a new distro and you'll primarily see people complaining how it doesn't measure up to such and such a distro because it doesn't have the same *whatever*. Let's let gOS figure out how to get to where the want to go. Let's applaud how well they have done with essentially their first release. And if we see room for improvement, let's join the community and be a part of the solution. And lets let gOS and their community build their own path and watch as it grows. I think they may have something special here. But if it gets torn down it will probably not be Windows users doing the tearing, but users of other Linux distros.

Also, if you are a serious tester of gOS, please share with the gOS devs regarding your 'buggy' crashing systems so they can find a solution. I have been using gOS on my 3 year old HP system for nearly 2 weeks and Exalt is the only issue I have had. (For whatever reason I can not click on Exalt to access networking, but I can use the Run option or command line to bring the program up.)


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