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Re(4): The GIMP thing is easy....

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 17, 2007 09:13 PM
What an arrogant piece of work you are. I have worked with and around professional graphics software programmers successfully. No communication problems, no personality issues.

Who cares if they are on this earth to serve me or not. I waited two years for them to make ANYTHING of The GIMP before deciding they needed help and contacting them. Now it has been more than a decade and I know far too many people who have tried to help them and have been rejected and insulted out of hand without the chance of explaining why these people are qualified to help. These people have created what is essentially trash, and they are riding the PR train of their minimum work for all it is worth without lifting a finger to do anything else. The PR train has had the dual effects of making the GIMP creators very influential, and stifled the creation of any good software in the field.

Time to wake up. When dozens, hundreds or thousands of people say the GIMP programmers are egotistical arseholes, it is doubtful that the people complaining about the GIMP programmers all have it wrong. It is also doubtful that The GIMP programmers are excellent at communication, while dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people trying to communicate with them are inept communicators.


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