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Gosh, gOS is good

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 17, 2007 02:25 AM
I gotta admit, when I heard of gOS the first thought in my head was "oh god, i bet they made some watered down screwed up version of linux to provide to the masses" but i tried it to and I was happily impressed. While not the most advanced distribution ever, it still includes package management and a terminal so you can pretty much make this system into a normal Ubuntu system (or pretty close). I am really impressed with their implementation of enlightenment. Its fast, smooth, looks great and they've included some very nice usability features as mentioned in the article. As reported earlier this week, the online warehouse sold out in a week! People like this thing, and I don't blame them. For $200?!? I mean, my GOD! You won't find ANY sort of decent Windows machine that cheap, anywhere... period. This is perfect for students and grandparents or just people that aren't really that geeky (like me) that just want a simple, cheap machine to do their web browsing and email on. There's not a whole lot of negative anyone can possibly say about gOS or the Everex machine it was built for.


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