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Ubuntu 7.10 fantastic for (fairly) new users

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 17, 2007 12:42 AM
7.10 has been amazing. I first started with Xandros (till MS deal), then Feisty and now Gutsy.

Love Gutsy! It's running like a dream and is so stable and pretty and functional and pretty (did I mention the pretty?). The programs are a great selection, and the system is very intuitively set out. Still, it is not without little glitches and so I second the need for the LTS version to focus on bug-fixing.

The bugs are certainly not deal breakers: my ATI graphics card needed the xserver-xgl package for compiz (now gorgeous!); the WPA isn't working for me [though I haven't investigated this much yet] and Miro didn't play videos until I installed the libxine1-ffmpeg package (now flawless). I have never written a line of code in my life, did each of these through ~20minutes searching on the net and synaptic for the packages. They are not big problems, but I can see the increasing need to get these little issues sorted before the next release.

I would also like one (just one!) pretty theme in the default install in the Ubuntu Appearances program. As a 20-ish female user it would be really nice to pick out a theme which aims at girls and women. Clear-looks and Glossy are very easy-on-the-eye but how about a cute purple or pink theme? I can assure you that personalising the look of the desktop is the very first thing that most female users are going to do after a fresh install and although there are many great themes on the net, it would be so nice to have just one included in the default install.

Viva La Ubuntu!


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