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Get rid of the zealots????

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 16, 2007 02:35 PM
If it is zealotry to speak in favor of a world in which a single rich corporation cannot extend it's control over the exchange and access to information...cannot control the outcome of elections...cannot impose an energy wasting infrastructure based on planned obsolescence on billions of people...then i'm a zealot.

Human rights have always been opposed by factions branding activists and advocates as "zealots." While that's to be expected, it is sad to see that these factions always manage to pick up ignorant people among the masses to parrot the line.

In an "information society," software freedom will someday be recognized as one of the prerequisites to personal freedom and fully enfranchised citizenship. For the multitudes numbered in the billions, it won't be about access to source code, but rather it will be about the infrastructure that results from millions having access to the code, and the inability of a single corporate entity to control the code powering that infrastructure.

The short sighted will talk about the "right tools" and hide away playing games while their freedoms are attacked and dismiss those who argue FOR THEM as zealots.

So be has been that way since our distant ancestors first stepped out of the forests and onto the plains of Africa.


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