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Kile rationalizes LaTeX

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 16, 2007 05:49 AM
Unbelievable; a LaTeX flame war, dragging in all sorts of things. I've been using TeX/LaTex for over 10 years and consider myself a very advanced user. My primary editing platform is Emacs. I never took a liking to any of the other LaTeX "IDEs", especially LyX. LyX allows very little in the way of the fine-tuning that allows you to produce polished, professional LaTeX documents, and it hides everything, forcing you to learn nothing. I discovered Kile about two years ago, and I now use it more than I use Emacs (for LaTeX editing). It's an excellent program, and very nicely integrated into the KDE desktop (the gnome desktop comment above made _no_ sense). It is far from being bloat-ware; LaTeX is complex and feature-rich and Kile reflects this. I also have never experienced frequent crashes with Kile; check your installation, because that's most likely where your problem lies.


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