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great: variations on theme

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 16, 2007 01:51 AM
This is a good idea and there mite be additional features such a sound and synthisizer or wave shaping. Multi track colaboration. I would like to see this as a modle in other educational areas including work or profesional training or competancy maintainance. A primary ellement perhaps addressed by the writers strike (I don'nt know the particulars) is the following. Many developing artists may or may not want access to puplic proformance other than recitals for real time development. The point I'm trying to make is that many students may be either recreational musicians or not yet qualified for commercial conquest. However, not only with music other areas of accomplishment could benifit from a generic onramp to compensation for their work. After a level of commercial viability is demonstrated it would probably be eisier to find conventional methods of exploitation. I would like to see a variety of formats that give concenting artists or designers or whatever tradable skill access to public review and various types of compensation. This mite be free material, paid for, ad sponsored, grant sponsored, combinations and hybrids. The general public or market target could demonstrate demand thus leaving the unqualified or missdirected to there own devices while not burrying those worth listening to. There are also oportunites for demonstrating technique at many levels and such teaching possitions could be qualified by past success or athoritive apointment, as an example, many graduate students are allowed to teach undergraduate courses. By providing cookie cutter percentages and compensation and a generic path, those unqualified aren't wasting time and the qualified are given greater access and experience. I have noticed that walking through an art school one finds discards that at first look well aplied yet by a standard that demonstrates greater skill are obvious failed atempts. The point hear is that not so good performers mite still find financial compenstation playing or demonstrating there level of ability to a novice at a cheaper price or more accessable venue. This would give them a fair appraisal of there ability and provide a market driven price performace venue.


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