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Kile rationalizes LaTeX

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 15, 2007 11:51 AM
Nice article. However, I think LyX is a better option for absolute beginners because it hides the complexity of LaTeX even better than Kile. The disadvantage of LyX is that it hides LaTeX *too* well and you don't really learn LaTeX by writing documents with LyX. But LyX can help beginners to convince themselves that LaTeX really makes your documents look much more beautiful and more professional than normal wordprocessors.

Once you're convinced, you might want to learn LaTeX. And then Kile (or Texmaker, which is very similar to Kile) becomes the tool you need. But to learn LaTeX, even if you use Kile to make the learning curve more gently sloping, you need to read quite a lot of LaTeX-related documentation. The difference between Kile and LyX is that you can start writing documents with LyX without knowing anything of LaTeX.


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