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The day of the Linux desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 15, 2007 06:52 AM
I have been using Linux for over 7 years and only recently have purchased laptop. I put Fedora 7 (soon to be Fedora 8) on it not because Fedora is the easiest distribution but it is a great way of learning the Redhat variants of Linux which I need to know in my job. Basically everything I want to do on a laptop I can do with Fedora and this includes Wireless. If someone asked me if Linux is ready for the desktop I would say yes since 95% of all corporate users don't need all the extra features Microsoft provides in the OS, however for the home user sad to say Linux is beyond them for a variety of reasons the main one being "it is not like Windows".

IMHO Linux will never start to get adopted as the desktop of choice until Governments mandate it for the government sector as part of a "serious" cost cutting exercise and not a token one. Once the Government sector comes on-board the corporate sector will follow although this may be fairly slow. It is only after the Corporate sector start to adopt Linux on the desktop that you will see the home user start adoption since hopefully by then PC vendors will seriously start to offer Linux (ie. with a pre-install everything works) as an alternative OS to MS Windows, after that It does not take game companies long to start to provide games for Linux. I would not hold my breath on this because Microsoft is deeply embedded in many counties and won't give up without a nasty fight.


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