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Re(2): What is CDF?

Posted by: Jeremy Akers on November 14, 2007 02:48 AM
"we will use the Microsoft plug-in architecture to "pipe" a high fidelity stream of content and layout into XHTML"...


You expect anyone to believe that load of crap? You sound like a salesman trying to inflate his product to make it sound better, throwing out buzzwords like XHTML and XML that people are familiar with but don't really understand. Basically you just "act" like you know what you're talking about so people who don't know better just believe it. Anyone who is at least halfway almost technical would look at that statement and go "WTF is that guy talking about?" The problem with doing that here, is people see right through it, so if you want to get people on your side I'd suggest stopping the sales act and start talking about specifically how you intend to use CDF in place of ODF, especially since the W3C folks who are behind the CDF design have no idea why you'd try to use CDF for this purpose.



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