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promoting linux by way of live CD how to

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 13, 2007 10:39 PM
Somewere one this site it was suggested to tell someone about linux in the next 3 months as promotion. I would like to suggest using applications that are distributed on a read only live CD. How to care for a pet could be given to animal shelters. There is a lingering suspition that software can be used in a subversive and malicious way. Therefor a product by a publisher may provide a greater sence of reliability. A linux magazine publisher mite work with open souce enthusiasts to creat live CD's distributed either by other topic oriented magazines such as how to exercise, boating safety, skiing, how to book and logistics associated with going to the supper bowl or sporting or entertainment event. The CD's mite be distributed by other publishers, a library of topics and ordering information from the publisher could allow the perchase of box sets. Or distribution by retailers. There mite be a market for a CD made available at a travel shop in a bus, train, airport termenal that had reading material, games, historical info. like a guided tour between destination travel points. High school or colledge students or boy and girl scouts looking for a project to provide a service or suplement a resume or job application, mite offer suggestions and provide research for a given project. Baby sitting reasouce that povides handy forms for emercency info. and contact. Home improvement. DMV test preperation. Standard religious text and clasics from Plato to Mark Twain made available at book and stationary stores and magazine stands or distributed by magazines about reading, liturature, or leisure pursuits- travel magazines found in hotels and transportation termenals. Lake charting and fishing guides distributed by sporting to work for NASA, best proven approaches applied to financial securrity, job skill aquisition and application and job retention and promotion, distribution of government documents ie. tax forms, grant applications, licence or government service provider, contract worker, or job application forms. And so on.


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