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Linux, The Time is Now

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 13, 2007 05:03 PM
Way back in 2001 I wrote a series of survey and comparison articles to look at desktop Linux software distributions available at that time. All four of the distributions I reviewed even then were usable by anyone with a reasonable amount of computer usage experience, though a couple of them may have presented a few challenges to install for those unable or unwilling to do a bit of reading or research to understand the questions being asked during installations. Since that time, many distributions have attempted to further simplify even the basic questions, at the expense of complete flexibility. Those flexible systems are still out there for those who need them. I would assert that just about any general purpose computing activity could be done today on Linux systems, even more so than back in 2001 - though for me, the systems in 2001 got the job done too. Now we have more choices of systems that come preconfigured wtih the software and hardware you need to get the job done. The main issue or challenge that people are likely to pose is, "Why doesn't this work like my other system?" or "Where is ____ program?" These challenges are beginning to be met as well as more and more popular applications are ported to the Linux platform, but that is the likely objection you are likely to see these days.


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