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Re(1): Wont Happen coz of 2 things - Hardware and Games

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 13, 2007 10:26 AM
Hi, first of all , i would like to agree with your point trully but yet i have to argue. Even though I do love linux and i find it the best thing ever in the digital era i have to doubt your reply a little bit. I am using hp nx6125 at the moment and you would not believe how much trouble it is. First of all, I would like to see all that BIZ people to install my crappy Broadcom wifi. OU! no wifi connectivity! What ? The x200 m ati card is kinda tricky to install and let me get to the point of gaming... I know that grown ups dont have as much time to play as the kids and thats crucial ! Kidz grow up, find a mate, and have kidz. And all the kidz want the most ultimate gaming system and all the parents have the desire to provide all the means to their offsprings. Believe it or not, gaming has been one of the biggest driving force in digital era and thats why we buy more and more memory, bigger displays, new graphic cards once in a while; otherwise, we would all be stuck with a 640x480 and some low CPU. To conclude, GIVE LINUX ULTIMATE HW SUPPORT !!! PLEASE DO !!!! and yet we might not see the day that all the linux users desire... WHY ? coz there are only few currious people and every one else is used to messing around with MS OFFICE suite and IS TOO LAZY TO CLICK COUPLE TIMES MORE TO FIND OUT WHERE THE BUTTON IS in open office. In most cases, people are either dumb or lazy (or both). Thats why MS rulez :( ....


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