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The author is right!!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip: unknown] on November 12, 2007 12:29 PM
I feel I have to come to the defense of the author here. He has some valid points, and being the one guy who until recently served as Mint's "one-man-support-center" ("scorp123" ... 2299 postings on the Mint forum) I think I am qualified to say that Mint *does* have some rather annoying bugs and rough edges in some places. Don't get me wrong: I do admire "clem" for his efforts to create his own distro. Mint is more or less a one-man-show. On one hand that's admirable. On the other it also explains a few of the rough edges or other shortcomings which do exist in Mint. Maybe it will improve with the next releases, mabye it won't ... time will tell. Regardless of this one has to appreciate this author's criticism and his review. Ultimately it will only help "clem" to improve his distro. And it's sad that so many Mint users feel they have to attack the author for the technically valid points he made. It does not matter that he reviewed an older release -- the release he reviewed is the latest "stable" release; this is not a review of "alpha" stage software e.g. Mint Daryna vs. Ubuntu "Hardy Heron". "Celena" is what's currently out there and it's the authors right to review it and to compare it vs. others distros that are out there *now* (and not in half a year or so!). But that's precisely the narrow-minded noobish attitude some Mint users display -- they use Mint, they love it, and God forbid you criticise it on technical merits ... like anyone owes them anything because they use Mint now. It's sad to see that Mint attracts this kind of users. SCORP123 <== yes, the real one.


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