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Re: The day of the Linux desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 12, 2007 12:07 PM
1.And your opinions are meaningless...I've seen huge networks running on computers without hard drives, (DVD rom loaded/configured linux), therefore perfectly secure, zero downtime for years, etc. There are livecds specifically for networking, etc. I'd say you ONLY know windoze (probably a mediocre MSCE or some such) who is always trolling, etc. in a pitiful attempt to justify your bloatware 'point and click'.
2.Been using OpenOffice for years. Lots of things I can't do in MSOffice. Save as a .odt or .sxw for example, comes to mind...;-) I have ALWAYS been able to open my documents, as opposed to people who can't even open Word .docs, depending on which Word they were using and using now, etc. Just a heaping pile, like windoze itself.
3.Have been using network printing for years, (took about 10 minutes to install and configure CUPS, mainly automatic defaults, etc. :-)) Printing in odd pages, reverse order, scaling, etc. are all 'check the box' type functions. Again, your ignorance is showing...
4.Haven't had a problem yet, and in fact, I've run into many situations now where LAMP solves problems that many people gave up trying to do with windoze systems (at horrendous cost, I might add...:-))

I.E. You haven't a clue, evidentally. I'd suggest sticking to your windoze fanboy sites.


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