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Re(2): The GIMP thing is easy....

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 12, 2007 12:04 AM
(Sarcasm) What a wonderfully thought out argument you have there! (end sarcasm)

You may not be aware that people all have different abilities and strengths. Artists can learn to program as well as programmers can learn to paint artistically. What you hear is artists complaining. People who barely have a use for The GIMP use it for 10 minutes every few weeks to play with their family photos. They have no need for an advanced program that works well. Artists on the other hand spend half their lives on one program or another and they do expect more from a program, and they expect to do many repetitive tasks (switching between painting tools and other tools) quickly and sensibly.

You seem to think that all programmers get piles of complaints. I do not hear of complaints about Firefox. Firefox is great. I do not hear about complaints about Azureus. Azureus is great. I do not hear complaints about Open Office (except for more tools like Excel). Open Office is great. Most commercial programmers (even the small one man companies) do not get many if any complaints. The GIMP is different. The GIMP sucks in such a way that it is difficult to put into words. Take the word "bad", and multiply it with "crap", then multiply that to the power of "pathetic". If The GIMP programmers do not want to deal with the complaints, they have had a decade to fix the weeping, festering, pustulant sores that the GIMP has suffered with. Wouldn't spending 6 months of code writing be a lot less time consuming than a dealing with a decades worth of angry users (not that they are users for long) complaints?

The GIMP is so bad, I will never use it in its current state. It's mere existence discourages others to create a good art tool. The GIMP cannot feed me, it is not up to the job. So I will bite its hand off if I wish. You can sit and wait. I have been waiting for basically the past decade for any movement. There has been none. Can I learn about the intentions of The GIMP team? Well if you try to get close to them they behave like spoilt three year old children with a new toy. It is very hard to find out what they plan to do... if anything, ever.

Until there is a REAL graphics program for artists on Linux, we will not STFU.


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