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Re: Wont Happen coz of 2 things - Hardware and Games

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 11, 2007 08:05 PM

Maybe, but most desktop hardware is generally supported as well, or better, by GNU/Linux today as it is supported by Vista.

As to games, one thing I've never seen is a good survey to discover what percentage of computer users are actually even slightly concerned about games. Most of the people I know do use Windows, but most of them aren't interested in work they use Windows to run productivity home they run some of the same apps, plus some additional multi-media stuff for entertainment...and there's medibuntu repositories for example, to make that happen.

Honestly, while GNU/Linux hardware issues do remain, we've reached a point where they aren't any worse than the current release of Windows on new hardware...and far better than Windows Vista on hardware that is three to 10 years old.

Of the people I know, while most do still use Windows (from W2K to Vista), very few of them would lose any functionality they depend on if they moved to GNU/Linux. In fact, I helped move a couple of them to Ubuntu this fall. The only hardware issue involved an Argus camera that couldn't be made to work properly under Vista either...and won't be because it's considered obsolete.


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