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Re(1): The GIMP thing is easy....

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 11, 2007 04:39 PM
Now, if everybody that has so much time on their hands to write such a bucketload of shite took the same time to actually write code, I think Linux would be far ahead of Microsoft windows by now. I am sure that it is this continuous distracting noise that is causing developers to shield themselves from the end-user, they will NEVER be able to code if they have to spend all their time dealing with complaints.

If you can add anything constructively to some open source project, write the code, the specification, the documentation and then contribute it. You can then at least say you have earned the right to complaint, be bitter etc etc. I am not a coder, I just love the concept of open source and Linux, and I am grateful for every piece of code and effort done by many people to slowly, incrementally improve my Linux experience. I have a lot of ideas and things I wish would be better, more integrated, more Windows like etc, but also understand that I have not earned any right to bitch and moan about something which was offered to me for free.

As my mother always said, "Never bite the hand that feeds you". If I really dislike something, I try to learn about it, find out what are the goals of the project developer, has my issues already been raised, mentioned etc, and then sit back quietly and wait to see what developers will get up to at the next release.

The McDonald's model of fastfood EVERYTHING is sickening, and is so pervasive in society today that it makes me want to puke. All you have to contribute is to shout and scream as loudly as you can and somebody better respond, as if you are owed a living by the developers.

Try writing your own Linux OS from scratch, you will be busy until the day you die. Would the delay have been acceptable to you then? Please get a life, either be patient, or alternatively actively code and develop, or else just STFU!!


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