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Re: The day of the Linux desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 11, 2007 03:42 PM
Hey, wanna really impress FLOSS on the natives in Toronto? will be releasing (near end of November) an Ojibway (one of the main native languages in the Ontario region of Canada) version of the child's paint program, TuxPaint. Helps to keep the language alive, if (very) young kids have the option to use/learn software in their native language, eh? ;-)

Disclaimer: Oh, all right, I'll admit it. :-) I'm the one who is adding the Ojibway translation to the program...(and I hope to add a few more in the future...:-)

Heck, more than windows has ever done or will do, for natives. Not enough of a market, not profitable enough, you know, for a corrupt megacorp.


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