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The day of the Linux desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 11, 2007 04:43 AM
In India, at the town where I live, computer literacy is seen as rocket science. Largely because a computer costs a fortune and using it demands knowledge of English. A few people come to me asking about buying computers. I ask them to let me install the softwares after they buy the computer. They just don't. They grey market vendors install them Windows 'free of cost' for them. After this, if I talk about Linux, it sounds like I'm an alien to them. Giving out free CDs hasn't worked at all. Windows is as much free for them. They don't recognise license as a thing that needs some thought.

Once in a blue moon, someone does ask about the strange OS I use on my computer without any virus. Then I tell them about it and ask them to use it. Most important, I give them a list of LUGs, distro specific mailing lists and IRC channels and ask them to look there for any answers when I'm not around to help out. This works out good. But I have made only some three or four people to use Linux and they are not looking back to Windows.


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