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Re(1): What's up at the OpenDocument Foundation?

Posted by: swhiser on November 11, 2007 01:02 AM

Kevin, Thanks for your questions. I'll try my best:

1) yes, its original purpose was to help develop ODF and we are directing our atttentions to CDF and other areas in part because ODF development is moving into better governance and into smarter hands (IBM);

2) we have a da Vinci plug-in which has demonstrated our capability of accessing MS documents in high-fidelity form (find it here: <a hre="">ACME 376</a>); this uses Microsoft's own plug-in architecture INSIDE the respective MS Office application to capture the document content and layout information in its in-memory representation in its "secret RTF" form; sometimes there is binary, OLE, VBL information which can't be accessed and that is maintained in metadata so that it can be used if the document should ever return to its native application. It's not perfect but the da Vinci fidelity is close to Microsoft fidelity; Sun plug-in is free of charge but not Free and is about 85% fidelity or similar fidelity as the application; Microsoft's plug-in fidelity we have experienced below 65% fidelity performance.

3) I am certain they do not.

4) We are creating software which will eventually be judged on its merits. I try to keep FUD or other non-essential discussion -- particularly uninformed speculation (by anyone) -- off my screen so we can focus on the success of our enterprise.


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