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Re(1): What is CDF?

Posted by: swhiser on November 11, 2007 12:42 AM
XHTML, CSS, SVG, XML, ODF... many others. Since OOXML and the legacy MS documents contain non-standard elements, we will use the Microsoft plug-in architecture to "pipe" a high fidelity stream of content and layout into XHTML within the CDF container. We have achieved Microsoft-quality performance fidelity to original MS documents. We will use tools on the desktop to "retrieve" or "go and get" legacy formats; however, what I call the Universal Document will exist at the server "hub".

CDF in our vision is principally a server-side Universal Document Format (i.e., containter). It is largely consistent and complementary to ODF as a strong & widespread format on the desktop.

Yes. Our software is a direct attack on MS Sharepoint.


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