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Re: The day of the Linux desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on November 11, 2007 12:25 AM
>The issue with free vs proprietary formats is a huge issue. Most major distributions dont have codecs installed by default or if they >do they are incomplete.

(Gnu/)Linux is ready as long as it is preinstalled for the "regular folks", who would be equally baffled by trying to install Windows.

>The other major issue is that it is harder to install software on Linux.

That's not true at all - it is vastly simpler, at least with Debian-based systems. I rarely find any reason to want to use anything that isn't in Debian (except, being a geek, sometimes compiling newer versions from CVS). Also, most "ordinary people" don't install software even in the Windows world - they use whatever came with the machine. Anyone adventurous to download and install a Windows program can handle aptitude, Synaptic, or the like.

>Most windows users don't have the patience to compile from source or add kernel-headers, etc. to get a Nvidia driver working.

And they wouldn't have the patience to install Windows, either.

It's all about bundling of the OS with the computer, and also, to a significant extent, file format lock-in. As far as the use of a fully set-up Linux desktop vs. the use of a fully set-up Windows desktop, Linux is completely "ready". Ask my nine year-old.


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