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About crucial errors, indeed.

Posted by: Thomas Zander on November 10, 2007 01:02 PM

Hi Paul,

Thanks for quoting me.

Paul(aka Marbux) wrote:
How can such a situation exist? It is because ODF does not comply with ISO/IEC JTC 1 Directives as to interoperability

Nah, that's not the reason. The real reason is that ODF has not been around for that long and it takes time for applications to fix their interoperability bugs. Consider that for a moment. You have an application saving and loading a feature just fine, but there was no other application capable of loading that feature yet. How do you know you implemented the ODF feature correctly? That is hard, and takes time to flush out.

The cool thing is that you linked to a mail in a thread that is exactly meant to tackle this issue. There has been a meeting of all the implementers of the various ODF implementations and they created real-life documents in one app and tried to open it in another. All the problems got jotted down and are planned for fixing.

The idea is to have such a metting at least once a year and thus strive for the interoperability that people want.

We are not there yet, ODF documents are not interchangeable enough in some ODF-implementations. But we are getting there.

Also, one thing has to be made really clear here; ODF-compliance is a feature that the market requires (as you can see from this thread alone) so if one odf-implementation doesn't fix their issues, people will stop using that implementation and switch to another.

That's the beauty of an open market and the direct result of the open standard we created here.

Thomas Zander

ODF-technical committee member and KWord core developer.
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